Friday, December 3, 2010

Nobody loses

It seems very few people want to participate in this contest. So I end this contest. All participants complete information is the winner.


longroad: n/a (repayment)
carfor12: n/a (repayment)
blazingminds: n/a (repayment)
bomerang: n/a (repayment)

Check on my Yommy profile:

The prizes:

* 1st – 4,000 credits: woodworker
* 2st – 2,000 credits: bethere2day
* 3st – 1,000 credits: deletedspam
** give 1,000 credits for dineshraj

Final rewards: 10,000 ECs only $4, will be notified within 24 hours.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comparing Entrecard credits and tokens value

You can buy Entrecard credits here:
1000 Entrecard Credits - USD$3.20

You can buy tokens here:
100 Tokens - $6.00

 => 1 Token ~= 18.75 Entrecard Credits

You can sell or buy Entrecard credits from other users using currency: read here


You can join my contest and win total 7,000 Entrecard Credit: here

Note: If anyone is interested, I will give 24,000 Entrecard credits for 400 aTokens.(1 token = 60 Entrecard credits)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I returned. New Contest – wins 7,000 credits every week!

This is my new contest for Entrecarders to earn a large credits. I'm giving away 7,000 credits ($20 value on Entrecard) for 3 lucky Entrecarders every week.

To enter the contest:

Login to ( - Entrecard Community).

Return to my blog. Give me at least 1 tokens to join this contes. Include your URL (example: or This is the ONLY way I can issue Entrecard credits to you.

The prizes:

* 1st – 4,000 credits
* 2st – 2,000 credits
* 3st – 1,000 credits

Win 7,000 ECs or Just Play For Fun. Good luck and have fun!

Contest ended. Result

Monday, August 2, 2010

Win 1000 ECs every day for free (2 August)

Every Entrecard Droppers has a chance to win 1000 Entrecard Credits every day for free. Simply leave your Entrecard link by posting a comment below this post. I will randomly select and announce the winner after the end of this contest.